At Kingdom GHL, challenge is part and parcel of our life. As we creatively invest and hold basic essentials investments,  we challenge ourselves to make them even better, using fewer resources

While challenging barriers and hindrances that stand in the way of a free and open society, we ensure that we lead in protecting our only human  environment.

Investments Opportunities

Our approach is through promotion of innovative and profitable public policy ideas

Business & Industries

It is the business philosophy and framework that we apply to innovate and improve

Kingdom Responsibilities

We take personal responsibility and deliver on commitments Teamwork/ Create community and work together as One Kingdom

Investments Insights

Unlocking the full potential of personal wealth. The road to financial freedom. Spurring economic growth.

Kingdom Group Holding Ltd.

Kingdom Group Holding Limited(KGHL) is a multi investment holding company with interests, subsidiaries, portfolio companies and investments ranging from asset management, wealth management, offshore solutions, private equity, venture capital, trade finance, mining, drilling, construction, communication, engineering, natural resources and agricultural investments.

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About Economist

The Global International Review (GIR) lists Economist as one of the top consultancies in the world and has done so every year since our foundation in 2004.

We provide independent advice based on established research methods, and our experts have in-depth sector knowledge.

Discover how we can give you the bigger picture with insights into a changing market.

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Challenge accepted. It’s in our life.

Food. Shelter. Clothing. Communication. Energy. Water. Transportation. Economy.
All are vital to our way of life. And each also presents its share of challenges. At Kingdom GHL we embrace those challenges

— by challenging ourselves and each other to explore new ways that make life even better.

We offer key transnational services and innovation that brings the breadth of our experience and industry Knowledge.

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